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Summer Office Hours

Our office hours for the summer months are Tuesday - Thursday,  10 - 2. 
These days & times are subject to change without notice,
so please be sure to confirm that we're open with a phone call
before making a trip to campus.  910-843-4995

2024-25 School Calendar

40th Anniversary of Tornadoes

On March 28, 1984 Red Springs was struck by a series of tornadoes that left the town devastated. The Flora Macdonald Campus was especially hard hit, with most of the roof blown off and massive damages to nearly every part of the building. The Flora Macdonald Gardens were left a shadow of what they had been, with most of the trees felled and large areas left under standing water. Fortunately both the building and Gardens, though battered and bruised from more recent storms, are still with us and are currently undergoing major restoration work. Looking back at photos taken during those dark days of 1984 certainly makes us grateful that we still have our beautiful campus to enjoy today.

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