When students enter our classrooms, they find the challenge of a college preparatory, traditional liberal arts curriculum. They also find teachers who are passionate about

what they teach and completely invested in their students. Our intent is for our

students to realize their highest intellectual and creative potential by learning to

think critically and independently. We hope to guide them toward a lifelong love of

learning, the self-awareness necessary to make conscious choices, and

a deep sense of integrity and honesty.


Our classes are small. Highlander Academy teachers know their students well

and keep their classroom doors open for questions and help. This individual

attention and encouragement creates self-assurance, and not only gives our

students the support to succeed, but also the desire.


The Highlander Academy curriculum follows the North Carolina Standard Course

of Study.  Our faculty is encouraged to include additional materials, speakers, and

field trips that will enhance and complement the standard texts.   In each discipline,

we offer a broad selection of classes.  Study halls and the availability of our highly

qualified faculty provide additional opportunities for guidance and support.