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From the Headmistress

Highlander Academy, on the Historic Flora Macdonald Campus, is a continuation of the academic tradition established in 1896 with the creation of the Red Springs Seminary, the first woman’s college

in the area. The college changed its name in 1903 to Southern Presbyterian College and Conservatory

of Music, and then, in 1914, to Flora Macdonald College.  This latter name was in honor of the famous Scottish heroine who, for a time during the Revolutionary War era, lived in our area of

North Carolina.  Our campus exudes a sense of history and a walk through our buildings invites

you into academic promise.  It is our past which inspires the future for our students, who come here

to make both a history and a future for themselves.

Each student’s promise can be more easily molded in our supportive environment – a relaxed, safe, comfortable, concerned, and caring family atmosphere.  Every child is known by name and by their individual needs.  Our small classes enhance a spirit of learning that inspires student achievement.  

We have the highest of expectations for student  growth intellectually, emotionally, physically, and

socially.  Our North Carolina certified faculty holds students to the highest standards on a daily basis. 


At Highlander Academy, we want parents to be informed about our school’s progress and involved in

our school on a regular basis.  Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss any aspect of our school's programs.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share aspects of our school and thank you for supporting our efforts to provide your child with a high-quality education.

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