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Schedule of Fees



                                 Yearly       Application      Registration       Resource       Facility          Annual

                                 Tuition              Fee                   Fee                   Fee               Fee               Total


Per Child           $ 6,600.00            $ 200.00                $ 200.00              $ 200.00         $ 200.00         $ 7,400.00

All Grades

Tuition and Fees may be paid in full or in ten (10) monthly payments beginning in August. 

The non-refundable Registration Fee must be submitted with the Enrollment Application.  Tuition

is due  on the first day of each month and late payment penalties are as follows:


A $20 late penalty will be applied after the 5th calendar day of the month.  Once an account

is 10 calendar days past due, the student(s) may no longer attend classes until the account

is brought up to date.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.


Students are considered enrolled for the entire school year; budgets and teacher contracts

are set by the number of students originally enrolled. The parent or guardian who signs

the Enrollment Contract agrees to pay the annual tuition and all other required fees for the

entire year. Refunds or cancellation of this contract in case of withdrawal of the student will not

be made except for the following exceptions: death of the student; death of one or both of the

parents, which creates a financial hardship to the point the financial obligation cannot be
met;  job related transfer or military reassignment of the parent(s) out of the geographical area. Requests for refunds or cancellation of this contract due to withdrawal because of a change

in the family or students status that brings about extreme hardship may be appealed to the

Board of Trustees for consideration.



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