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Our Philosophy

Highlander Academy Auditorium


Highlander Academy believes that students,
teachers, parents, and administrators share responsibility for a program of learning and should support each other as they honor both traditional and contemporary values.  
Our motto, found on the school  seal, "Disciplina Iuvenes Christo", translates as "Educating Young People in Christ."  
While not affiliated with a particular church or denomination, the beliefs and values exemplified
by Christ provide the framework for life at
Highlander Academy.  As an institution with
students of varied religious backgrounds, we lift
up our Christian faith as an example to students 
of all faiths, with the belief that religion, properly
understood, is an impetus to better understand 
ourselves, our religious heritage and our core values.  
The mission of Highlander Academy is to provide
a values-based, college preparatory education
in a small, safe, nurturing environment as we
work to educate today's youth to become
tomorrow's leaders.         
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