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It is the goal of Highlander Academy to instill into our students a strong sense of personal honor and integrity.  These traits will stay with them throughout their lives and will help to guide them as good and productive citizens.  While we expect our students to behave with honor in all their doings, it is particularly important that they do so in their educational endeavors.  The Highlander Academy Honor Code has been designed to help cultivate a personal code of conduct within each student in grades 5 - 12.

Each student is honor bound to refrain from Lying, Cheating,  and Stealing.  Students make their pledges to the Honor System at an induction ceremony held at the beginning of each school year.  

Every student should report any infraction of the Honor Code to a member of the faculty or administration.  Any student found guilty of an Honor Code violation is subject to suspension or expulsion.  All honor violations will become a permanent part of the student's academic record and will be included on transcripts.


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